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Short Dress, Long Legs

  Since I like to be slightly modest, wear underwear and not show it off, I tend to get frustrated with wearing dresses, especially on those windy days. What I do to prevent a peep show is wear a pair of spanks or my favorite; the Victoria’s Secret One Size Sexy Short. They’re cotton so they feel softer than spandex and they aren’t ridiculously tight like spandex, either. The only down side is that they do bunch a little and aren’t as seamless as spandex or even a thong. So I wouldn’t suggest them for those really tight club dresses(unless its a black one) But they’re perfect for those flowy dresses or looser fitting dresses. I wear black ones so they don’t look so obvious if accidentally seen.

Here’s where you can find more information about the product:

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Tucked in Tanks that Won’t Stay Tucked

Some tank tops are just too short for tall girls. I sometimes like to tuck in my tank tops for the look I’m going for that day. The only problem….half of the day I’ve got my hand down my pants trying to nonchalantly tuck my tank top back in my jeans. It gets frustrating. The solution I found actually came from a friend of mine who is coincidentally 6’1” as well. She wears a leotard underneath her jeans and leaves the top half exposed. This creates the look of a tank top that always stays perfectly tucked in, no matter how much she moves. But you don’t have to go to a dance store to find one. American Apparel offers a variety of styles and colors of leotards.

Here’s a link to their page of leotards:

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Tall Girls Have the Blues When it Comes to Jeans

Finding jeans used to be my biggest pet peeve until I finally found stores that offer skinny jeans that are long enough to at least reach my ankles when I sit down. So to save you the frustration of what I went through here are stores that fit me and also my budget:


-Pacific Sunwear (Pac Sun)

-American Eagle


Best of luck!

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TALL Girls Slouching & Avoiding Heels-Stop It!

I’m 6’1” and proud. I will admit that high school was rough and I hate when people say “You’re tall!” My thought is always yea and you’re short but you don’t see me screaming it.

I need to share something with you:

You are NOT A FREAK! Why would all the fashion magazines have tall girls on the cover if they were freaks or ugly? Its rare and its beautiful to be tall. Wear heels out! I do. If your friends can’t stand you wearing heels when you’re already tall, then they aren’t your friends. They should love you the way you are and let you be fashionable in some flashy pumps just like them. Everyone deserves to wear heels and everyone deserves to feel beautiful. I was the TALLEST GIRL IN MY HIGH SCHOOL. I didn’t have any blogs to read to gain confidence in my height. It was me against the whole school. I wish I knew then what I knew now, but who doesn’t say that.

Unfortunately I didn’t feel comfortable with my body until after high school. And then I gained confidence when I started modeling. Every designer gets excited when they see that I’m 6’1”. I have only been at this modeling business for less than a year, but I feel completely normal backstage. When girls laugh at you for your height just laugh right back because you know that they could never be on the cover of a magazine and you can be.

I used to be the girl who said ” I hate that I cant wear heels out.” But I was the only person stopping me from wearing them. I’ll admit that it can be awkward at times to be in pumps but you get used to it. Plus you make those long legs look even sexier.

"What about the guys? ""There aren’t guys for me, I’m too tall?": You know what I ask a guy who I just met that seems interested in me….."Can you handle a girl that’s taller than you?" and I also ask "Are you confident enough to go out to places with a girl that’s taller than you? Cause I only like confident guys." THATS EXACTLY WHAT I SAY-NO LIE-I PROMISE.

Maybe someone else has told you that being tall is a beautiful thing and you didn’t believe it…why didn’t you believe them? Probably because it came from a short person and you felt that they didn’t understand. Well GUESS WHAT I’M 6’1” AND TELLING YOU NOW THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOUR BODY IS A RARE TREASURE. DRESS HOW YOU WANT! (Just make sure certain things are covered ;) ) YOU ARE ADMIRED and YOU WILL BE ADMIRED. DON’T SLOUCH! LOVE YOUR BODY because YOU ONLY GET ONE BODY. BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE HATERS AND MEAN GIRLS. I promise you- WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND-that mean girl will get what’s coming and you won’t have to lift a finger.

My revenge on the girls that teased me in high school:

Being a model and getting photographed and complimented on a weekly and daily basis. I didn’t lift a finger or say a word to any of them and I MADE IT SO FAR and got the ultimate revenge- BY ACCEPTING WHO I AM.

Follow me for tips for finding clothing advice for tall girls and some inspiration. I dont want fame. I want TALL GIRLS TO BELIEVE IN WHO THEY ARE.

Please share this with all of your tall friends because I want for them to know too that they are beautiful.

Best wishes and wear those pumps, tall-ies!



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